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Information Technology Outsourcing is a critical part of business process outsourcing, RM E-services ensure our clients an exceptional level of IT outsourcing in India. Information Technology outsourcing is not a new phenomenon these days although the screaming headlines of the national dailies make it latest in the long line of business fashions. However it will

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The world of global Back Office Operations is growing in terms of the number of players, beneficiaries, services, speed, space, and connectivity. In a situation where business groups and organizations have to concentrate more on their core activities, they prefer to outsource their Back Office Operations to offshore BPO firms. The trend of moving Back

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What is your policy on domain name registration?

For your convenience, it is our standard practice to register your.com domain name (or website address i.e www.yourbusinessname.com) from Godaddy.com. Should you wish to become the registrant for your domain name at any time, just let us know and we will arrange this immediately without charge. We can of course arrange for you to be

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