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At RM E-Services we provide all types of Language Translation Services for over 140 languages.
RM E-SErvices has been a leader in providing Language translation services and interpreting services to clients that include major corporates, law firms, universities, media and marketing firms and government agencies. RM E-SErvices offers Website Translation Services, General Translation services, Document Translation Services, Multilingual Translation Services, Marketing and PR Translation Services, Editing and Proofreading services among its varied services.
Our language translation expertise shows itself in excellent writing skills, cultural understanding and technical proficiency. Highly qualified translators, editors and project managers are experts in language translation, editing, localization and target market cultures. This combination assures a seamless transition from one language to another for your local and global business solutions.

At RM E-services we provide Language Translation Services all over the world through its contact centers in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR and more than 12 cities in India.

Website Translation Services
Today is the Era of multilingual websites. Offering a multilingual site will dramatically increase your international customers because it is promoted all over the world in different regional languages. RM E-Services is here to help you reach international markets. We are not just translating the words on your site, we communicate the right message, image and tone, to make relevant cultural adaptations.

General Translation services
If you need to translate non-specialist materials such as personal correspondence or speeches, we are here to help you for your general translation services. We also offer translations for small texts (100 – 200 words) at no extra cost. It means you pay only for the number of words in your document, not a fixed minimal charge.

Document Translation Services
RM E-Services provides document translation services. Whether you need a translation of a financial statement, a medical article or a letter from your business partner, we have the most qualified document translators and speaking translators in over 100 world languages to get the work done.

Editing and Proofreading
Language errors are more costly than our professional editing and proofreading services. Do not let awkward errors ruin your reputation. Our translation experts will eliminate all of the awkward blunders, fine-tune the style of your text, spellings and deliver a polished copy of your document.

Multilingual Translation Services
RM E_services managing a worldwide network of trained and experienced Language Translators, we work with an understanding of the text, context and audience. Our team at RM E-SErvices produces work in which both you and we can take pride. No detail is so small, no project so big. From the courtroom to the board room and beyond, our language translators offer comprehensive language services in simultaneous, conference and consecutive interpreting. Our translators’ proficient multilingual support assures the successful realization of your conference or meeting.

Marketing and PR Translation Services
Don’t let your creative PR ideas get lost in bad translation, Nothing is worse than having all of your hard work go unnoticed and unrecognized. Our marketing translators will properly and effectively communicate your creative marketing messages to your target audience.


Information Technology Outsourcing is a critical part of business process outsourcing, RM E-services ensure our clients an exceptional level of IT outsourcing in India. Information Technology outsourcing is not a new phenomenon these days although the screaming headlines of the national dailies make it latest in the long line of business fashions. However it will be a false logic to connect the dot com boom and the bust of information technology outsourcing.

Considering the post world war II scenario the outsourcing has gained the rapid momentum specially in 1990’s.It is possible to observe some basic drivers that fuel our changing world and make outsourcing in any type of industry outsourcing an attractive preposition for business leaders across the world. There are several specific reasons why Information technology outsourcing or any type of business outsourcing to talk globally organizations use as a business tools. Some of the key reasons are :

  • Government policies and political simulation
  • Globalisation and knowledge Economy
  • Technology
  • Corporate Strategy

One such example of elegant corporate strategy is RM E-services, which has its contact center in India.

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The world of global Back Office Operations is growing in terms of the number of players, beneficiaries, services, speed, space, and connectivity. In a situation where business groups and organizations have to concentrate more on their core activities, they prefer to outsource their Back Office Operations to offshore BPO firms. The trend of moving Back Office Operations from the West to India is increasing day by day. If you are looking for outsourcing your Back Office Operations to an ideal service provider in India, you have reached the right place. RM e-Services can act as your offshore back office in India for providing a wide variety of your mission-critical information processing services.

The company provides a large number of back office remote processing operations which include services related to bookkeeping & accounting, data analysis, lead generation, medical billing, analysis and management, etc. Custom services can always be designed at no charge for your unique needs or select from the following:

Quality Verifications

  • Form review process
  • Form check process
  • Form evaluation process
  • Successful result feedback process
  • Failure result feedback process
  • Corrective action suggestion
  • Re-review process

Quality Validations

  • Form review process
  • Form check process
  • Form evaluation process
  • Result feedback process
  • Corrective action suggestion

Sales Verifications

  • Sale acknowledgement process
  • Sales/Order correctness check process
  • Customer/Client feedback process

Sales Validations

  • Sale acknowledgement process
  • Sales/Order correctness check process
  • Sales/Order finalized system upload
  • Compensation request process
  • Sales/Compensation completion check process
  • Customer/Client feedback process

Order Provisioning

  • Data entry
  • Order entry processing
  • Order qualification processing
  • System follow-through order verification
  • System follow-through order validity
  • Customer/Client follow-up order commitment date process
  • Order completion testing

Service Warranty Completion

  • Data entry
  • Customer/Client qualification processing
  • Automobile qualification processing
  • Finance approval process
  • Contract completion verification
  • Contract fulfillment notification
  • Renewal qualification processing
  • Renewal fulfillment notification